Where do new ideas come from?

In social network analysis there is a lot of research that tries to answer this question and one concept that comes up again and again is the strength of weak ties. That basically means: New ideas and inspiration normally come from those people you don’t know too well, who work in a completely different field, who come from a different culture and can tell you about things you never even thought of before. This is why travel is so great for the mind…

And this is why we will not only discuss net-map with our colleagues who we see every day in the office but put it out here in the open. This tool is so flexible that it can be used in any setting where people do something together (or against each other) to achieve goals.

In this blog we want to discuss as different applications as

  • Political pressure in legislative processes in Chile
  • Defining “civil society” for district oversight committees in the Africa Peer Review Mechanism Process in Ghana
  • Net-Mapping for strategic career network planning,
  • Fisheries governance in rural communities in northern Ghana
  • and… applications that we have never thought about before… (this is where you come in)

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