New Case Study Online: African Peer Review Mechanism Process

“It’s a very important tool, from the way we came out with the members. I was picturing how I was going to form this committee all alone, there was a big question mark as to who to choose, but through this method I have seen that certain groups are inevitable, looking at the coordination. The method has opened my mind and I would want to use it.” (District Director of the National Commission on Civic Education, Jirapa District, Ghana)
As I explored in an earlier post, “the civil society” is one of these buzz words that are easily used on the policy making level, but those people who are actually instructed to “involve the civil society” in their activities, face a difficult and confusing task, and, as our participant from the Jirapa District puts it, there are big question marks looming over their heads.

The new case study takes stock of the first activities using Net-Map to choose committee members for the APRM district oversight committees. I find it exciting for a number of reasons:

  • This is not a research or evaluation activity but a “quick ‘n dirty” project implementation use of Net-Map as a decision support tool.
  • This is African owned: Douglas Waale, a Ghanaian Net-Mapper uses the tool with staff members of the Ghana National Commission for Civic Education in a process spearheaded by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) of the African Union.

This is something worth observing closely, because I am convinced that Net-Map can be used as a tool for empowerment and that it is easily possible for all different kinds of people to take over ownership of Net-Map processes, define what they want to use it for and improve their understanding and decision making (Full Case Study: (334 KB).

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