From Specific to General

While I used the (general) Net-Map tool to learn very specific details about the poultry and maize sector in Ethiopia, Dawit Kelemework, our Ethiopian research officer, experienced that working on these specific issues opened his eyes to a much bigger and more general field of research approaches. He writes:

“From specific to general

Few weeks ago, I was an alien to the whole world of social network analysis, net-mapping, Visualyzer or anything of that sort. I was just trying to acquaint myself with the method and how it can be applied to the innovation benchmarking in the context of Ethiopia’s agriculture. Luckily, I met Dr Eva Schiffer and she showed me how to do the net-mapping, enter data and basics of analyzing network properties and node centralities. I found it to be a very interesting tool of analyzing actors in a network, the relationships among the actors, the influence that each actor has in the system and much more. It is a very interesting way of learning about a given system and its characteristics in a holistic manner. On April 14, Eva wrote how net-mapping helped her know much about Ethiopia’s poultry sector in a day or two. I think it did the reverse on me. Just practicing the net-mapping has introduced me to the vast world of social network analysis and has created a strong interest in me to explore the methodology and its application to wide range of areas. Thank you Eva.”

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