Looking for free and easy SNA software

I use Visualyzer for visualizing and analyzing my Net-Maps and I love it. But while there is a free trial version, in the end it is a software that you have to purchase. As I want to further spread SNA literacy in developing countries, I am looking for free software that is at least as user friendly as Visualyzer, which means having a rather intuitive and visual user interface. Any recommendations?

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  1. Are you looking for software your partners can use (possibly not familiar with SNA-concepts)? I haven´t found anything useful for this kind of target group. Me personally (being a half professional) still use Pajek, since it allows me to visualize relations almost simultanously. But still, it takes some commitment to discover the major functions of the software. Hope this helps,

  2. Hi Eva,
    I’ve being searching for such a software for long, and without big success.
    A database based one is http://www.touchgraph.com.
    You may want to check also http://www.yworks.com, but both aren’t free nor opensource.
    The only free and opensource software I know are GUESS and GraphViz, but they aren’t that user-friendly (what a suprise!)
    To me the way ahead is something like this one, but with the possibility to define multiple relationship types for the same 2 subjects:

    I hope it helps.


    • yEd from http://www.yworks.com/yEd is free of charge, even for commercial purpose, but it’s not open source. It is a general diagramming tool but it can be used for SNA data collection and visualization as well.

      From the university of Konstanz, there is the free SNA tool ‘visone’ which is build on the same technology.

      Hope this helps, Michael

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