Getting VisuaLyzer

Those of you who clicked on my link to get a download of the computer program that I use to visualize influence networks, might have been confused, because it was a rather generic link that just led to the main page of the software company. The following comment will help you to get there more directly:

Hi Eva,

We are glad that you appreciate VisuaLyzer. Here is a better link to information on our website about VZ and other social network applications:

– allen

3 Responses

  1. for my professional development I would appreciate to receive you input

    Peter Pichler

  2. I would appreciate access to VisuaLyzer,



  3. […] The questionnaire was administered by the people at Cross Analytics (at 4 US$ per participant they did a pretty good job in terms of support etc.) and all I had to do was wait for the results to be delivered to me in the square matrix format I need to enter it into Visualyzer. […]

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