Packing my bags

While I am packing my bags to fly to Portugal to map out the Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) community and from there to Ghana and Ethiopia, to understand communication flows in the context of avian flu, I am also packing my bags in a bigger sense.

I am leaving the safe haven of being an employee and moving to the freedom of free-lancing. And in the same process I hope to slightly move away from being a (paper publishing) researcher to being a (people moving) facilitator of processes, events, change. Though, to be honest, while I was employed to be a researcher, I did my share of facilitation. And I am sure, now that I move out to be a facilitator, I will continue being close to research and staying interested in finding things out.

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  1. Hi Eva,

    I work as a “facilitator of processes, events, change” in several fields. When it all comes together I feel like a great novel has been written.

    However, during the process I juggle lots of players and trajectories, I like to think of them as characters (or actors) and narrative arcs it helps me with brainstorming and keeps me sane.

    I have the innate ability to think in terms of net maps and keep those stored in my head.

    Thanks to net map the tool, I’m going to write it all down. I think that when it all feels a bit surreal to me, I can look at it for reality check.

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