Let me tell you…

Next week (4th of September) I am giving a brown bag seminar at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC about “Using the Net-Map method to understand the political economy of social sector interventions”. This is more of an internal event, so I can’t invite you.

But while thinking about this talk I wondered: Maybe I should explicitly say it on my blog, so that my readers know: I would love to give a talk about Net-Map at your institution. If you are located in DC, it’s very easy to organize. But even if you read that I am traveling to your country, just give it a shot, send me a mail and find out if I have that extra spare hour that it would take.

Why would I go to that effort? Well, because I think that Net-Map is a very useful and simple tool that can help you get a better understanding of your world. I would love to see it grow far beyond my reach. Because I know that this hour will be enough to get one or two people in the audience excited enough to want to try it out. Because I know that one person (e.g. me) can only do so much and if I want to develop a community of practice, I have to beat the drum. And finally, because most of what I learn is from interaction with people and I want to learn together with you. So, drop me a line.

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