Visualyzer on Vista

My younger sister once said that one thing she admires in men (well, most of them) is that when it comes to solving a technical problem, they are like pitbulls, once they have sunk their teeth in this problem, they won’t let go until they are done with it.

My partner showed this pitbull like quality when it comes to installing my favourite Social Network Analysis program VisuaLyzer on my new computer that runs on Vista. It just won’t work and won’t work and won’t work… Unless, and that is a very simple solution once you found it, unless you save it in a different location than the default “program files”. So, when downloading it, it will ask you where to save the program and you just choose any other location on your computer and somehow that changes how it is saved and it runs just fine.

No, I don’t understand why, but the good thing about a solved problem is that you can enjoy the solution without understanding every detail of it.

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