How does a research assistant become director general?

This was one question that my participants at the ILRI Net-Map workshop chose to map out in a group activity to learn how the method works. I must admit, they didn’t find a simple answer in their one hour speed mapping session. Maybe because we were pressed for time and I didn’t allow them to finish their discussion? 🙂

But even if none of the participants will end up on their director general’s chair within the next ten years, I think that it is very useful for members of one organization, who have different levels of experience and have climbed different steps on the career ladder, to discuss amongst themselves what you have to do to be successful in this organization and how you can understand and use the existing networks to your own benefit. That’s where network mapping can become a tool of institutional learning and knowledge sharing.

And, after speculating from our low positions how to get to the top of the hill, it would be great to be able to sit down with someone who has climbed it successfully and ask: “So, who were all the individuals and organizations who supported (or impeded) you on your way to the top? How did/do you link to them? Who was how influential in helping you to get to where you are now?”

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