Something more Philosophical

Another web-find that made me think beyond my everyday thoughts. How can it be that sometimes other people can explain to you how you think, even though they don’t even know you?

I have often marveled at people with very precise plans and goals and also felt a slightly uncomfortable pressure to set goals, because if you don’t, how will you ever know you’ve gotten there?  Thanks Dough for exploring (and thanks Viv for pointing to this page):

“We don’t need to have a plan nor a goal – only a purpose. And not as well-defined as we thought. Purpose becomes clearer in collaboration. […]

Goals are for people who need something external to tell them when they get “there.” More than that, people who need to know they’ve got somewhere (and can stop now). Some surmise that the world is – or at least can be – created to be larger every moment, more complex, more wondrous.”

One Response

  1. Eva–

    Thanks for pinging me!

    I had not seen your site before, and need to explore it a bit.

    Thanks to Viv for pointing you out!

    :- Doug.

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