If only my ideas could spread like the common cold…

A contagious idea is something that I share with people who share it with other people who share it with other people and just like the common cold, my first cough might allow me to have an impact on people and places that I have never even seen before.

Well, you would never know if people started coughing in China just because of someone you sat next to on a plane some months back. So I’m all the more delighted if I can, every once in a while, find a trace of my work as far away as Thailand.

Have a look at the Wiki of the “ENRAP Knowledge Sharing Training” workshop taking place in Bangkok, Thailand from Nov 11 – Nov 14, 2008. I’m especially excited because I got involved in network mapping as a researcher, but I was convinced right from the beginning of it’s uses as a hands on practical tool to enhance planning processes and knowledge sharing.

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