We need your help (especially if you speak French or Spanish)

I want Net-Map to be as directly available and easy to learn for anyone who wants to understand and improve social networks as possible. One issue that limits accessibility is always language.

While the idea is quickly spreading throughout the anglophone world, there are now first applications in South America and francophone Africa… but alas, my colleagues and I so far relied on ad-hoc translate-as-you-go solutions, training an interpreter or organizing face-to-face sessions where we use our own language skills.

If we want to make Net-Map accessible beyond the few people and places that we can visit one at a time, we need translations of the basic documents such as the Net-Map manual. Neither my rusty French nor my survival Spanish are good enough for that.

Any volunteers? You’d do a great service to this community of knowledge and help us to cast the net much further. While I cannot offer monetary compensation for this, I can promise you: In the process of translating the document together, I will make sure that you learn as much as possible about how to use Net-Map and I will offer my ideas and advice for your planned future Net-Map applications. Contact me directly if you are interested (eva-schiffer@web.de).

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