“You can’t motivate anybody

[…] But motivation is something you draw out rather than put in.” (Mark McGuinness)

Another great link from Viv McWater’s blog: It’s a free e-book titled How to Motivate Creative People by Mark McGuinness. I read half of it for breakfast today and had some valuable moments of understanding better how I and other people tick. Especially usefull to me: The exploration of different kinds of creative motivations:

  • intrinsic
  • extrinsic
  • personal and
  • interpersonal

and the complex ways in which these can be combined to drive different people. And I like the way Mark explores the different motivational personalities: Not everyone is motivated by the same thing.

My resolution from reading this:

I will look more closely into what motivates the people around me and see if I can be supportive of their motivation style so that we can reach greater heights together (it’s so easy to assume other people would be motivated by the same things that get me going…)

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