Have you used Net-Map yet?

Then please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you, learn from your experiences, see what worked and what didn’t and understand better how an idea like this spreads through the system and mutates/evolves as it goes.

I (or some of our readers) might be able to answer some questions or help you over stumbling blocks, introduce you to people who work in the same (geographic or content) field and you can present your work to a bigger audience on this blog (as comment, guest-post or more elaborate case study).

5 Responses

  1. I’m planning on using a simplified version of a NetMap method with an Action Learning Set on Youth Involvement & Social Network Sites in the UK next week. I’ve tried network mapping with paper and pens before – but looking forward to adding in a lot more of the structure of the NetMap methods – particularly thinking about the power of actors involved.

    Just about to head out now to build my toolbox and to hunt around local toy & stationary shops etc. for suitable figures & post-it note supplies…

  2. Dear Tim,
    Are you going to net-map with the youth or those people who work with them? What kinds of simplifications are you applying? What are the questions/problems you want to tackle with the method? I’m curious to hear more and learn of your experience!
    Good luck hunting!

  3. Hey Eva

    Initially I’ll be running a session with professionals working with young people – but I hope that some of those professionals will explore the method with the groups they work with.

    We will be working on an imagined scenario in our workshop next week linked to an issue that young people want changed, and the change being one that local government should be able to make. The goal is to explore both (a) the challenges for young people influencing policy change in a local area, and (b) the technical tools and networks that local government could explore to increase engagement with young people / opportunities for dialogue.

    Rather than base around interviews – we’ll be running a group work exercise (I guess the key process simplification) – and working up to step four with the influence towers. At that point we will go off a slightly different track (as this is an imagined scenario) and we’ll look at the different communication tools being used for different links in the network – and we’ll explore how adding different communication tools (primarily social media and online social networking tools) could lead to a change in both the connections between actors, and the distribution of power/influence amongst the actors.

    I’ll make sure I get plenty of photos and I’ll blog the experience afterwards.

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing the NetMap resources so openly on this blog…

  4. Hi Eva,

    I used your tools to do a power analysis with a medium sized International Development organization with offices in the US and Canada. We looked specifically at their anti racist commitment and the org. structure and processes. I added something to the tool to do that.

  5. Dear Susan,
    That sounds interesting. What have you added to the tool? How did it go? What did you learn?

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