You can find everything on the internet…

… if only you can find it.

If you are like me, you do use other people’s websites and blogs for information and inspiration – on and off, with some favorites, other random encounters and lucky finds. But sometimes it feels like being in a very very (very) big library without a librarian or catalog.

So I’m really excited that some more prolific browsers (my online life would be so much less inspiring without Nancy White) have set up “Community and Networks Connection” as a content hub that collects and organizes information around communities and networks. What is a content hub? Well it’s a place where content of a whole list of blogs that revolve around these issues is bundled and you get a combination of “newest posts” and “top posts” displayed and various ways how you can search for posts (on the participating blogs) that revolve around your specific area of interest.

“Community and Network Connections” was launched today and already made me laugh (e.g. when Engineers without Fears talk about researcher’s worries in the post “being wrong vs being boring“) and think (e.g. about how to make story telling a natural part of professional interactions in anecdote’s post “How to segue to a story“)

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