They can’t steal what you share

Last Sunday I learnt this in a quite direct “slap in your face” kind of way. After returning from a nice outing to Baltimore with my family, we found that someone had entered the house through a (previously) blocked dog-flap, had had a good look around and left with an arm full of stuff (the amount of stuff he – she?? – took and left indicates one individual), including my laptop computer. No, I’m not good at making regular backups. But, just by the nature of my work (and my personality) I tend to collaborate, share, put stuff online before it’s a 150% polished product. And, guess what, you can’t steal the internet. At least our little neighborhood hoodlum can’t.

So everything I shared, I still have. Whatever I kept to myself, the thief got. I decided to see it philosophically – for what else can I do, after the fact.

3 Responses

  1. Eva, I’m Soooo sorry to hear they took your laptop. I’m happy that you live in the cloud!

    • “Live in the cloud”? What cloud?

      The strange thing is that it reminds me so much of Ghana, where my best friend got burglarized three times by a thief who drank her milk but not the gin and we knew who it was and could see his house just behind her back yard, but he was never caught. In the time my friend was his neighbour he didn’t only improve his nutrition (by drinking her milk), but was also able to put a new tin roof on his an extension to his mud hut…

      Through our police friends and our rough neighborhood friends here we have a pretty good idea who our thief is and he can look into our house from his mom’s balcony – but, alas, we can’t prove it.

  2. Eva, so sorry about that! But what a great post: I’ll hang it on my desk wall!
    (it’s not my techie side talking, obviously 😉

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