This might be the best idea you’ll ever have!

When I talk about Net-Map I often have people come to me afterward, telling me: “I once developed this awesome method for doing this and that, but somehow it never really caught on…”

This makes me think of the friend who told me, when my first excitement about Net-Map had settled and I was ready to do the next more exciting thing: “This might be the best idea you’ll ever have! Don’t waste it! Give it your 100%.”

And I think he was so right. I mean, no one knows if I’ll come up with the cure for AIDS or the perfect chocolate chip cookie tomorrow (both unlikely though). But I think our good ideas need a lot of respect. Treat them like kings. Treat your good idea as if it was the one shot you get. Focus. Be brave. Bragg. Work like a donkey. Feed your idea all the good stuff. Take it with you, where ever you go. Even to parties and on airplanes. Just smile (what do they know?) if your older male colleagues say: “Ah, there is the girl with the toys again.” Be your idea. At least for a while.And see if it catches on, if it works.

Because I’m convinced: You need so much more than the good idea itself for the idea to have an impact.

But then, if it does, if you see people writing their PhDs using your method, or evaluating their projects with it, or translating it in their own language… man, that’s about as great as seeing your flesh-and-blood baby make her first steps (which, by the way, little Sarah did today). Giving you this feeling that: YES! All these sleepless nights were absolutely worth it!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Eva

    Would like to introduc a colleague to you and NETMAP but do not have your e-mail. Maybe you would want to put it somewhere on your web.



  2. Re Treat your good idea as if it was the one shot you get
    Yes, and give it time, plenty of time. I am giving myself 10 years to get the idea of social network analysis tools promoted and used amongst evaluators. It took ten years for my last big thing (MSC) to really take off.

    • Yes, Rick, the other day someone said to me: “Yeah, social network analysis, wasn’t that really hot 3-4 years ago?” I felt like saying: “I really don’t care what’s hot as long as it works…”

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