In our recent work on women rice parboilers in Nigeria, we asked the interviewees to indicate the gender of everyone on the map. While the below is far from being a final result (it’s just one of many maps), I was just amazed at what a difference it makes if you look at this map gender neutral or genderized. Following the traditional color code, girls are pink and boys are blue (grey are groups that involve men and women, white are institutional actors, no gender). Red links are restrictions, blue is information flow. Size of dots reflects height of influence tower. The pink dot in the middle is the interview partner.

3 Responses

  1. Gender coding of actors in networks: Simple idea, great idea!

  2. […] Social Network Mapping & Gender Analysis In Eva Schiffer’s NetMap blog, Schiffer discusses integrating a gender dimension into her social network mapping analysis rice parboilers in Nigeria with interesting results. To see the post on gender & NetMap analysis […]

  3. […] every project I do I learn something new, about corruption in Ghana or rice par-boiling in northern Nigeria. I work with content matter experts who can explain these parts of the world to the smallest detail. […]

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