Other people’s thoughts…

On a quiet Saturday morning, my baby sleeps longer than I could hope for so I have a few minutes in which I could either finish a proposal, do the dishes or float around in the web, looking for one or two inspiring thoughts. By the fact that I am writing this post, you can guess, that the dishes are still dirty…

Viv McWaters
is always a good person to turn to for something to think about. Today I stumbled over the following:

“We act our way into a new way of thinking rather than think our way into a new way of acting.” Which Viv got from the Melbourne Playback Theatre Company

Then she refers to the Cynefin framework, stating that
“in complex environments, what’s needed are ‘multiple small and diverse interventions to create options.’ Probe – Sense – Respond.”

And as the third thought in this series of posts that caught my eye was her pledge to “stop interpreting for others”, that’s what I will do, and not go into lengthy explanation of what I think these things mean or should mean to you.

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