I’m going to the office now!

I know, for many of you that’s nothing to write home (or a blog post) about and for some it might be just the daily drag… But after two years of working from the sofa-bed-kitchen-table-home-office, let me tell you, having to get properly dressed to go to work feels great. And having colleagues. But no boss. What better workplace could there be?

As of this month I am a member of the Affinity Lab, a shared workspace, where people like me (and maybe like you) can rent desk space at affordable rates and work in a room full of people like me. Or, even better, unlike me. Because we know from social network analysis 101 that heterogeneous networks are best for innovation. Ok, you need a bit of similarity as well, otherwise it’s difficult to actually develop and maintain connections. So when I first came here and told the manager Phillipe Chetrit, what I do for a living, he was excited. He immediately got why it is interesting, without knowing yet how it works. Next week I will give a brown bag seminar for my co-workers here and see who shares the excitement even after understanding how it works. So, if you work from home and you are ready to strangle your cat, geraniums or husband, I can highly recommend finding a little desk space somewhere away from cats, geraniums and husband.

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