Profound moments happen at the unlikeliest times and places. This morning on the metro I was reading The Change Handbook (Holman, Devane and Cady) when all of a sudden I had a new insight about growth. I think it was spurred by their ideas about mastery. In the past months I have put much thought and activity into growing Net-Map bigger than what one person can do: Whenever I engage with a project, I make sure that someone from the project is trained as far as possible to take over the activities; I tell clients: “I want you to hire me for as few days as possible.” because I want just enough time to infect them with Net-Map, I want it to go viral. I’m training colleagues how to use it, so that we can work together, form a community of practice and take it to the next level…

So why do I have a feeling that is so quiet in the background that I barely even hear it, a feeling that tells me, this is not enough? Do I need to train more people? And more people?

This morning, squeezed in the crowds of the Metro I realized the problem is a lack of balance. I teach, teach, teach with an urgency, with a mission (as everybody knows who has tried to stop me talking about Net-Map), making the method’s community grow in size. But where do I go, what do I do to learn? How do I grow?

In every project I do I learn something new, about corruption in Ghana or rice par-boiling in northern Nigeria. I work with content matter experts who can explain these parts of the world to the smallest detail. And that truly is exciting. And we stretch the method to fit these different cases and challenges. Which makes me learn more about the method and how to teach it.

But this morning I realized that I long for another kind of learning as well: I want to work in collaboration with masters (in process management, facilitation, people methods, whatever you could call it) and learn from them how they do things, ask a million question, immerse myself in the process and feel as well as intellectually understand what they do. While I add the things that I do. A different kind of growth…

Why do I put this here? Because I know from experience that the most reliable way of making your dreams come true is to send them out there, write it down in your diary, tell all your friends, tell a stranger on the bus and put some energy and sincerity into really wishing for it. Things will start coming your way. And because you know what you are looking for, you will actually recognize them and embrace them.

On quote that I found in the same book this morning:
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” Albert Einstein

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