If you don’t like them in the beginning, you will hate them in the end…

Or: “Meet the people who don’t hate Mondays!”

Yesterday I attended an inspiring meeting of Fabulous Women Business Owners in DC at my shared office community Affinity Lab and afterwards I had this feeling that we live in a beautiful alternative reality, where people love Mondays because they get back to the office, to live their passions, where collaboration beats competition (sometimes) and people earn money by contributing to positive change. Maybe this is even more amazing to me now as I’ve just come back from 2 months in a German small town where I’d ask my mom: “What does Peter do for a living?” and the answer is “He goes to the office” (as distinct from “He works in construction.”, “He’s out of work” etc.). “Office” being the place where you sit all day, do what you are told, go home at 5 and earn a salary.

Come to think of it, in the two years of my independence, I have not had a single client, whose job is to “go to the office”. So, today, on Taking-Stock-Friday, I’d like to shout out to the world: Thank you for letting me be catalyse your passions!

Why the heading of this post? That was a sentence that stuck with me yesterday night. One of the Fabulous Women said that about her choice to only work with people she likes.

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