Why I love my commute

Seriously, after 2 years of working from home, I love every part of going to office. Getting dressed, for example (and I don’t mean putting my husband”s old sweater over my pyjamas, which is the newest trend in home office fashion, now that it is getting colder…). And reading stuff on the metro that I never seem to get to otherwise. That is why, this morning, I loved my commute. Harrison Owen about “Open Space Technology” (In: The Change Handbook – The Definitive Resource on Today”s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems, by Holtman et al.). I’m fascinated by how Open Space works and what it does and would like to get into it more (attend, host etc.). And I think that’s because the underlying philosophy resonates with what I am doing. So on a rainy Monday morning, between Potomac Avenue and U Street Metro stations Harrison Owen warms my heart and has me nodding by saying:
“diversity becomes a resource to be used instead of a problem to be overcome…” and
” In Open Space, the good news and the bad news are identical: It works. In Open Space, every group I have worked with becomes excited, innovative, creative, and ready to assume responsibility for what they care about. This all sounds wonderful, but at times for some people, if also sounds like a prescription for going out of control – and they are right. If maintaining control is your fundamental intent, for goodness sake, don’t even think about Open Space. On the other hand, if you are prepared to believe in the people, trust them, and acknowledge that in a ll probability they are the true experts about what needs to be done, then Open Space will deliver – and you can be sure that fundamental change is a likely consequence.”

This resonates with my believes about network structure and control and how sustainable networks grow up (mature) into structures with less and less central node control.

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