The good, the bad and the ugly

“How strongly can these people influence the success of our project?”

When you ask yourself this question, you immediately start thinking about all those who contribute positively to your success. But sometimes it’s actually those who are not interested in your success, who have a much bigger impact, by blocking your success, competing with your for resources or visibility etc. To get a clearer picture of the good, and the bad and ugly influence, this is the newest addition to the toolkit: Different colors for the influence towers. Positive influence gets red towers, negative influence gets black and you see with just one look who is who in your network.

Ok, now we know that to do with the good and the bad. But how about the ugly? What do we do with influential actors who have mixed agendas? Give them as high a red tower as their positive influence is and as high a black tower as their negative influence. We will try it out and I’ll tell you how it works.

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