You know it (you just don’t know it)

It doesn’t stop to amaze me and for me that is the golden moment in any Net-Map intervention, the reason why I do this and keep being excited. You know about everything there is to know in your subject area. I know close to nothing about it. Let’s face it, who can be an expert on chickens in Ethiopia, job hunting networks in Saint Louis, fertilizer policy in Malawi and female rice par-boilers in Nigeria at the same time?

 Let’s sit down and draw a Net-Map together (best: with a group of you) and you will find out something that you knew (otherwise you couldn’t have drawn it) but that still absolutely surprises you (because you didn’t see it before). Maybe you can compare it to living in a neighborhood where you know every stone and every bug living under every stone by name and I take you on a helicopter ride.

It’s been a while but the first time that this “power of Net-Map” really became clear to me was probably when looking at communication networks in pro-poor Avian Influenza prevention in Ghana and Ethiopia. Last week we made a video of this and you might want to find out what communication breakpoints and corruption hot-spots my participants discovered…

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  1. WOW!

  2. Great example.

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