Brown Bag Seminar anyone?

Have you clicked around in this blog and thought: “That really looks interesting, my colleagues and I might like to use it, but it would be great if Eva could explain it all to us face-to-face.” Or: “I get it – if only she could make my boss as excited as I am.” Or maybe just: “Hey, I would like to meet the person who came up with Net-Map.”

If your office is in Washington DC, you might be lucky. Contact me ( and we will figure out if I can give one of my free brown bag seminars at your location. I will show you how Net-Map works, how we have used it in the past and we can discuss how it might solve some of your problems. 

Why would I do that for free?

1. Well, I am truely passionate about spreading the method and making it grow.

2. I love a good excuse to get away from my computer for an hour or so and meet interesting people. It refreshs my mind and gives me new ideas. 

3. Sometimes the seed for a future collaboration is planted in a brown bag seminar. Sometimes it isn’t. Both are fine with me. Because if 3. doesn’t happen, 1 and 2 are reason enough.

Now you might think: “Sounds interesting, but it seems like Eva just works about chickens and rice in Africa, how can her method be used in my case which is completely chickenless and in the US?” Let me tell you: Any situation where multiple actors (people, groups organizations) want to achieve different goals and are linked in formal and informal way is a situation where you can use Net-Map. Ah, that’s reason 4: I love talking about Net-Map. And Net-Map. And a little bit of Net-Map…

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