Generally safe – or not?

Do you see the world as a place that is generally safe and pleasant, where every once in a while nasty things happen? Or is it an unsafe nasty place with brief spells of peace and quiet (before another storm)?

Are people in general not to be trusted and just a few exceptions act decent occasionally? Or are most people trying to be decent and nice most of the time, with just a few deviants?

Do you think the way you see it is based on facts (as in: “statistically speaking, life is not safe, everyone dies in the end” or “statistically speaking, most people don’t fall victim to murder most days of their lifes…”) or do you think it’s mainly your perception? These are questions I am thinking about a lot at the moment, maybe having a little child makes them more pressing.

And I’m convinced that a lot of it is a perception issue, because both sides have compelling statistics. So if a lot of it is my perception, the question is: Can I change my perspective if I want to? Which perspective makes more sense? Do I attract good things if I believe in them? Or will I be more vulnerable to shocks if I am not prepared by an appropriately pessimistic attitude? What do you think? What does it do to you and your life whether you see the world as – generally – safe or dangerous?

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