Leavin’ the ‘hood

It’s not that it’s necessarily nicer or better elsewhere, sometimes it’s not even very different. But there is a certain “eyes-wide-openness” that comes with leaving your ‘hood which makes it so exciting, even if I am just in Cincinnati on business for a day. The fact that I have never been here let’s me enjoy my sneaking out for breakfast before work starts, having a look at the neighborhood, listen to how people talk and feel more alive.

And then I think back to my last crazy work trip before having my baby: 3 continents in 7 weeks, by the end of it I was a heavy 7 months pregnant. Now if you travel like that and still want to be productive, it’s all about saving energy (your own), which means traveling as if you didn’t leave: Close your eyes, ears and heart to the exotic, heart wrenching realities out there, do not connect, stay in a comfortable hotel, take an AC car to your interview partners, eat safe and familiar food only, go to bed early, basically, take your ‘hood with you like a magical coat, protecting you from any unfamiliar experience.

Ok, for me that seemed to be the only way I could keep going on a trip like that. But. And that is a big BUT: It made me hate traveling for work. You still have most of the hassle, the long flights, heat, diseases, poor logistics, jet-lag but you get none of the bright eyed “The world is all new and so am I!” feeling.

Note to self: Stay in the ‘hood. Or leave the ‘hood at home.
Second note to self: Don’t schedule 7 week, 3 continent trips when 7 months pregnant. Ever.

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