Can I present an experience instead of a power point?

Net-Map is in great parts an experience-based innovation. The easiest way to get someone excited about it, is to do it and let them see for themselves what an eye-opening experience it can be. That is so much stronger than giving a presentation in which you tell them the different steps one-two-three… or even presenting the most striking results of past projects. So my favorite Net-Map introduction is to split the participants in small groups and facilitate an ad-hoc mapping session of something they care about. The only problem with this is that it takes quite some time, not just because the mapping process as such takes time but because the groups have to self-facilitate and some do that faster than others.

When I was asked to do a 45 minute introduction of Net-Map to a group of public health advocates, I thought: “In such a short time, I will only be able to do a power point presentation, talking about the experience instead of going through it.” But thinking about it again, maybe we have come up with a great hybrid experience-presentation that will give us the best of both worlds: How about having 3 volunteers on stage, drawing a Net-Map about an issue that is burning hot for everyone in the room and projecting the map in progress for everyone to see on the wall? As I would facilitate the mapping, I would be able to move us forward as needed. And because everyone in the room can relate to the volunteers up front they get pretty close to actually experiencing the mapping themselves.

Have you tried similar approaches? What worked or didn’t work?

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  1. I guess the only requirement is to have a tripod and a camcorder to be connected to the laptop connected to the projector in such a way that the projection is good enough.
    If the group is quite small, maybe a fishbowl setting, with the 3 volunteers in the center acting on the map on a table or even on the floor and everyone else closely around to watch the process might be a simpler and more effective solution.

    • Thanks Paolo,
      That’s how we are thinking about doing it (camcorder). The group might be around 50-60 people, so a no-tech fishbowl setting won’t really work.

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