Net-Map Master Class

I am taking the growth of Net-Map to the next level. I have done a lot of project oriented basic teaching. And I have worked with some colleagues over the years who have developed into Net-Map experts in their own right. But I know, if I want this method to become bigger, spread faster than what one small woman can do, I need to be more pro-active and strategic about it. I realize that I don’t just need people who know Net-Map on the beginner-implementer level, who can do a supervised study in Nigeria for us. But I need more method masters, all with their own style, who can play Net-Map like a Jazz pianist plays the piano.

And this is why I am now hosting the first Net-Map Master Class for a group of indepentent entreprenneurs in DC. All of them are committed to be involved for 6 months, we meet once a month for 3 hours, in between everyone experiments with the method in their own work, reads up on the background of Social Network Analysis (my old favorite Hanneman and Riddle). When we get together we will see where everyone has gotten, what we can learn from that, how we can do it better next time etc.

This class is full. But I know by the excitement that I feel that I want more of this. If not now than later… So if you think that sounds interesting, drop me a line. One hint: I’m in Washington DC and this is a course that only really works if regular face-to-face interaction is possible.

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