Another contribution to my personal Greek History Month (copyright by Mark Weinstein)

Just returning from a career counseling meeting with a woman who wants to move from a traditional 9-5 job to a combination of stay-at-home-mom and something-else. Not quite clear yet what the something-else is going to be… We talked a lot about following your passions, recognizing what you are good at and understanding what your inner needs are and then structuring your solutions in a way that they feed these inner needs and allow you to excel.
You know how things sometimes become more clear to you as you talk? So I thought about my own inner needs and how my passion fuels and directs my work. And because this meeting was a very satisfying way to work, I realized again how much I thrive on peopletime and connection.
So if you want to see me be best at what I do, invite me to where you are, let’s talk and use Net-Map to better understand what is going on and how you can concretely use your networks to get what you want. Or maybe but really just very maybe… I will leave my toys in the box and won’t draw a link and we will first spend some time to figure out where you actually want to get. Or, more basically, what needs you feel and what it is that lights your fire.

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