If it’s complex, keep it simple

How Net-Map can help executives make better decisions

And if you can’t, ask for help.

I just talked with Andrea Fuller who runs Mindfarm (who knows Net-Map and the corporate world) about the question: Why would a CEO want to use Net-Map? My own explanation is as complex as the method. I am just too deeply involved.

She gave me a great brief and straightforward explanation: “To make good decisions, we need to know the hard facts (the numbers etc.) and we need to know about people and their connections. In corporate America we do a great job of understanding the hard facts and putting them in pie-charts and spreadsheets and everything else Excel has to offer. That is easy. Where we are kind of lost is understanding the people and their relationships in a similarly rational way. And taking people into account is so crucial for the success or failure of projects.

That’s where Net-Map is real helpful, giving you a structured and rational way of mapping out the people, their relationships, their influence and goals. So you know afterward, if you want to get something done in your organization, you could go to each and every one of your staff members… or you could just go through one or two of your central people and they do the networking for you.”

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