Net-Map hungry in Europe? Help is on the way!

That would be perfect. If you read this blog and belong to an organization in Europe that would like to work with me some time between the 11th and the 30st of June, you might be in luck. It’s not easy to get me to travel these days (as I am focusing more on working where I live), but as I am planning for some time in Europe (mainly Germany) anyway, I might as well come by your organization and teach you some Net-Map, facilitate a strategic network planning meeting or plan and implement an organizational development intervention with you.

Or maybe you are just an individual with a bunch of friends and all of you want to learn Net-Map together. If everyone (up to 10 participants) chips in and you can provide a training room, it should be rather affordable for you. And I will teach you exactly what you need, working with case studies out of your own professional experience. So basically it’s a 2 in 1 deal, you learn the method and get some strategic networking advice to achieve your professional goals.

Or are you looking for an executive coaching session, looking at where you want to go and who can help you get there (and what can you do so that they will actually help you…)?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or made just made you curious to discuss more options, send me an email now ( and we might find a way to collaborate.

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