One minute pitch

We just had a “one minute pitch brown bag seminar” at my wonderful shared office space and I recommend you do the same especially if your work revolves around complex and innovative concepts and it doesn’t have a simple name that everybody will get like “I’m a baker”. If you are a baker, everyone will think: “Oh, you bake for a living.”. But what if you say you are a knowledge manager, you develop health care and prevention apps or you design personalized fan experiences? Your audience will think “Soooo…. you manage knowledge…?” and basically be none the wiser.

So we decided to meet, bring our lunch (in a brown bag… as is customary in DC) and everybody would get exactly one minute to tell the rest of us what they do, what problem they solve, why that is so great and why they are the one you should go to to solve this problem. Let me tell you, one minute is extremely short. And this will get your heart rate up. But try it out with some people who will give you tough and appreciative feedback and you will be able to be so much more effective, the next time you are trapped in an elevator with someone who might need your products or services. And the next time you go home for grandma’s birthday and your great aunt asks you what you do for a living again…

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