Who wants to learn Net-Map and why?

Strategic positioning analysis for an international research institute

Paolo Brunello and I discussed who our potential participants for the Net-Map Summer School in Vicenza would be. Why would they want to learn it, what would they want to do with it? I came up with this list:


What they want to do with Net-Map:
These are people who want to change the world together by using Net-Map. They need to learn strategic network planning for groups that will help you achieve their goals even if they are not the most powerful actor in the field.

Who they are:
Staff of development organizations and their donors, environmental organizations and their donors, members of social movements, unions, lobbyists, staff of government agencies involved in multi-stakeholder processes etc.


What they want to do with Net-Map:
They are interested in combining qualitative and quantitative methods, might or might not know quantitative network analysis, might be involved in research for social change, exploratory research, intercultural research. They need to know how to use Net-Map as a data collection tool, what makes it stand out from other tools and how it connects to the existing literature and other complementary tools.

Who they are:
Social scientists, development researchers, political scientists, social network analysts, staff of universities and think tanks, monitoring and evaluation specialists

Managers (in the broadest sense):

What they want to do with Net-Map:
They want to advance themselves, their brand, organization, career etc. by being more strategic in their networking and in handling complex situation and power plays at their work. They want to learn how to use Net-Map as a tool to deal with the people aspect of success (after they know everything about the numbers aspect), use it as a tool to support strategic thinking and team planning.
Who they are:
Managers, CEOs, project and team leaders, entrepreneurs, students in their last year, people stuck under a glass ceiling in their career development, moms (dads)  returning to the workforce after baby break, people in mid-life career change, marketing people

Trainers and Facilitators

What they want to do with Net-Map:
They want to use the method to add to their existing toolbox and use it to assist all of the above. Mainly with a focus on the learning and process aspect as opposed to the data collection aspect. They are most likely to work with the managers (in the broadest sense) and the advocates.
Who they are:
Trainers, facilitators, knowledge managers, internal/employed and external free lancing trainers and facilitators, career and executive coaches.

Does this list have your name written all over it? Then we should talk.

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