Looking for interview partners on innovation in large corporations or government agencies

Innovation Any Which Way (copyright by Cea on Flickr)

How do mid- to higher level managers in large corporations or government agencies use their formal and informal influence networks to achieve innovation?

I am still looking for interview partners to answer this question, so this is your chance to get a free, first-hand Net-Mapping experience with me and solve some of your trickies innovation barriers, while contributing to cutting edge innovation research.

As a reward for your effort, you will get a summary of your personal innovation network assessment. That will help you understand why a certain innovation was successful or not, how you can improve your innovation networking strategy next time, what your major innovation killers or drivers of change are, who has most (formal or informal) power and what their goals are. Also, I will share the anonymized overview results of the study with you, so that you can see how your strategies, challenges and achievements compare to others and benefit from the collective lessons learnt.
I understand the term innovation rather broadly, everyone who has come up with a new product or process, an idea to change what is done or how it is done and has tried to implement it in a large corporate setting would be a great interview partner. It doesn’t matter so much, whether the innovation was actually implemented or not, as long as you put some real (!) effort into pushing for it. I am looking for success, failure and so-so stories. What I am not interested in, is to talk about just an idea that you had but never really fought to realize.
I need about 2 hours for the interview and am looking for mid- to higher level staff members of a large corporation or government agency who are ready to talk about a specific innovation case in their career. You need to be in or around DC. If you are interested, please contact me until the end of August at eva-schiffer@web.de.

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  1. What are some good resources to explore the concept of innovation and innovation frameworks in corporate and creative fields?…

    An innovation is not just a good idea but a good idea that has been implemented. And often the greatest hampering factor is not the lack of new ideas but a limited ability of both the individual/group with the good idea and the larger system to turn th…

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