Net-Mapping at Agile Coach Camp, Columbus, Ohio

These fish are ready for the next cocktail party! (copyright by Sugar Daze on Flickr)

I’m feeling a bit like a fish on a cocktail party, surrounded by all these agile programmers and agile coaches, knowing that I have brought them some wooden toys and post-its and paper to play with tomorrow. But after getting used to the feeling, I can just recommend to any flounder or herring to attend a cocktail party every once in a while. Getting out of your comfort zone opens your brain and turns all the switches to learning and observing. And because agile programmers are trying to implement radical innovations in organizations (not just a new product but a new way of how things are done, connected to a whole new philosophy), they have to deal with the issues that Net-Map looks at every day: Who are all the obvious and hidden influencers, how are they connected, what do they want and how much power do they have to get it?

So tomorrow we will do one of my crazy 2 hour speed mapping sessions, where I will throw them into the cold water of (nearly) self-facilitating drawing a map of an issue that concerns them, so that they can experience what the method does and learn something new about that issue. Yes, 2 hours are never quite enough for teaching and trying it out at the same time, and facilitating a group of unknown size alone through this process is also something that leads to high adrenalin levels. But then, what is wrong with high adrenalin every once in a while and if things or people get stuck along the way, I can always activate my German roots and sternly remind them of the importance of Puenktlichkeit.

4 Responses

  1. Cool! Are you going to explain Puenktlichkeit? :->

  2. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for coming to ACC and I am so happy to see all the positive reviews for you and your sessions!

    The Agile Coach Community loves you!! woo too! !

    Cheers and see you soon

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