Net-Mappers of the world unite – and write!

If you read my blog regularly you know that I love hosting guest posts in which people describe their experience with Net-Map and give you a fresh view of the method, their experience and understanding. But over the years some of my colleagues (you know who you are) have become such core members of our community of practice that I sometimes feel like our brains are wired together and we think in the same direction – only they sometimes take it further than I would have even thought. And it feels strange to call them “guests” on my blog, while they are “partners in crime” in reality.

Paolo Brunello, Net-Mapper extraordinaire from Italy, wants to stop being a guest and start being a regular contributor and partner on this blog and I am glad to have him. As far as I am concerned, he is the Net-Map philosopher and he produces the most amazing visuals and presentations (no surprise here, as he teaches powerpoint mastery in his other live). I am looking forward to hearing more about the Net-Map sessions he facilitated at the FAO Share Fair in Rome. And I hope he will upload some of his Net-Map talks here, so that you can also see / hear him talk and get to know him.

And to those of you lurking in the shadows, sitting on your own Net-Map experience, wondering if that could even be interesting to anyone else… The answer is: “Yes!” The more diverse experiences and perspectives we share here, the better for our common learning. So whether you got confused or enlightened or anything in-between when using Net-Map, write a little post, shoot me an email (, be my guest and become a partner.

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