I don’t mean to… Oh yes you do!


The little book where he notes down all your passive aggressive insults… (copyright by Mike Licht on Flickr)

I don’t mean to be rude, sound like a jerk, be territorial, pry into things that are none of my business… Whenever you hear someone say this, you can be sure, that oh yes, they do. It’s another way of saying: Now you will hear something extremely rude, sounding like a jerk, being territorial or prying. But starting the sentence with a passive aggressive “I don’t mean to” means that you are supposed to endure the misbehavior AND somehow act as if it hasn’t happened or at least it wasn’t meant so. In my observation I would go even further: Often you can highlight the sentence that follows the “I don’t mean to” and write it down in your little book of things to remember. Because a lot of people describe a negative behavior that defines them in a sentence that starts with “I don’t mean to”. And I don’t mean to be offensive to passive aggressive people here…