February 18th-23rd: All the Network Analysis Gurus and a Net-Map training in Tampa, Florida

T’is the time of the year again. The International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) is hosting their annual Sunbelt conference, 750+ paralell talks, training workshops in all kinds of network tools, a rainy Florida beach and all the big names will be there. One highlight is always the “hospitality suite” – which feels like a grab-a-beer and talk nonsense kind of student party, only that all those people whose brilliant papers you admire (if you are into social network analysis) are doing the beer-grabbing and chilling…

I am still amazed at the wide range of issues that you can tackle using network analysis, from the prediction of road-side bombs in Iraq to the hat-trading and cheating behavior of people who play online games. I will teach a three hour Net-Map intro class on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th of February and otherwise just go with the flow and be inspired. Hope to see some of you there. If you do come and are a reader of this blog, please, contact me so we can have coffee.

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