Social Analysis in Progress…

An interesting use of Net-Map going on in Tunisia, analyzing stakeholder networks in groundwater management.

Bir Al-Nas - People's well

One of the most important aspects of the Bir Al-Nas approach is the integration of social analysis into hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological investigations.

In this regard the first step is the identification  of the actors involved in a specific issue, the assessment of their links, their influence and the possible existence of conflicts among them. Said in other words:  a Stakeholder Analysis.

For this purpose, within the Bir Al-Nas approach, I’ve chosen to perform a Social Network Analysis (SNA), applying the Net Map toolbox (Schiffer et al., 2008).

Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes

Working in collaboration with a MSc. student in Environmental Sciences from Ca’ Foscari University, Ms. Chiara Tringali, I’m trying to identify all the stakeholders involved in groundwater management issues in the region of Cap Bon (Tunisia). In particular we are focusing…

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