Net-Map training in DC, November 15-16th, 2018.

I am excited to invite you to our next Net-Map training in DC on the November 15-16, 2018. For me, the Net-Map certification training is a highlight of my year: A diverse group of passionate professionals gets together to learn and play and develop concrete plans to use Net-Map in their work or research context. What I love about the trainings is that everyone steps out of their normal work environment, so there is a freedom to commit yourself to deep experiential learning Рwithout the stress of hierarchy or constant emails and interruption.

What you can expect: Two days of learning, in very practical ways, how to use Net-Map and the new DataMuse app, how to apply it to a question you bring to the course from your own work or personal life, intense peer-learning, and the opportunity to develop a Net-Map implementation plan, have it vetted by your peers and teachers and be ready, as you step out of the door, to start Net-Mapping.

And to make the course as diverse and accessible as possible, we have some options for for reduced fees for those of you who are students or have been out of work for a while. Check it out here-

Hope to see you there.