Net-Map – Agile – Organizational Change

Last week I worked with an Agile coach who helps large organizations to move their software development from traditional waterfall programming to adopting agile approaches. What does that mean? Well, waterfall programming means you start out by telling the programmers what you need, then they go and program for a few (or more than a […]

Is “development 2.0” the same as “agile international development”?

I’m not sure. But it does sound very similar. As a response to my earlier post about agile international development, Mitchell Toomey of UNDP invited me to join their discussion forum around “development 2.0” which basically looks at what development projects can learn from the way that successful web 2.0 start-ups work. Mitchell wrote a […]

Using Net-Map to become more agile

Ok, I wrote about how a different sector (e.g. international development) could use agile philosophies to improve their work and become more relevant and adaptive. But we also looked at it from the opposite direction: Is there something I could offer the coaches to improve their work. At the Agile Coach Camp I did two […]

Agile international development?

Most innovations are not completely and utterly new ideas that no one has ever had before, but rather happen when you take an idea that works in one context and try it out somewhere else. So while I talked with the software developers and coaches at the agile coach camp last weekend, I kept thinking: […]

Net-Mapping at Agile Coach Camp, Columbus, Ohio

I’m feeling a bit like a fish on a cocktail party, surrounded by all these agile programmers and agile coaches, knowing that I have brought them some wooden toys and post-its and paper to play with tomorrow. But after getting used to the feeling, I can just recommend to any flounder or herring to attend […]

8th of June: Join us for a Net-Map intro training in Reston, Virginia

In 3 1/2 hours you will learn the basics of Net-Mapping, how it works, where and how we have used it to what effect and, most excitingly, get to draw your own Net-Map. Because you know very little about swimming until you jump in the water. On the 8th of June I will offer one […]

Creativity: Look at something, see something else

The other day I walked past a flip-chart paper box and the way it was standing there, with the flaps half open, it seems to tell me: “In my next life, I want to be the stage of a puppet theatre.” So this weekend my toddler daughter learned how to perform Elmo’s song for an […]

Case study EPA: (Net-)Mapping Your Way to Action ( by Paul Boos)

Paul Boos learned Net-Map when I facilitated a session at the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) and even though I rushed them through the activity and we didn’t have much time to go into details, he immediately picked it up and started using it for strategic planning in his work environment. And what’s even more exciting, he […]

Network learning left and right

At the annual meeting of Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Marc Steinlin played an interesting game with us to deepen our understanding for all the different challenges that come from working in complex interrelated systems that we only understand halfway. A group of people moves around in a room, everybody silently picks two other people […]