Talking about talking about networks

Here is a pod-cast in which I talk with Noora Abermann from the IFPRI facilitated RENEWAL network on HIV/Aids and Nutrition. We explore how talking about networks can help to actually improve them.

Listen to podcast (8 min 16 sec – click player below)

Podcast on Maize and Chicken in Ethiopia

“Wow, we learned more about chicken than we ever asked for…” my colleague David Spielman joked after a week of Net-Mapping poultry and maize innovation systems in Ethiopia. You can listen to the (more serious) rest of the discussion by clicking on the media player below (or here) . The project is still in progress, so the case study is not completed yet – but I will up-date you as we go.

Pod-Cast for Net-Map and Knowledge Sharing for Development

You might remember that Nancy White asked for your help in trying out an online exchange of and about Net-Map. That was in the context of a knowledge sharing workshop of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). As the workshop is mainly an online activity (though with face-to-face meetings), the Knowledge Sharing team uses all different kinds of methods, to make different voices available to their participants.

Simone Staiger, Project Leader of the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Initiative of the CGIAR interviewed me about Social Network Analysis in general, our experiences with Net-Map in Ghana, the question how comfortable users are with this approach and the ways network analysis can benefit research for development. Listen here.