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Eva Schiffer (PhD)
I am a social scientist and facilitator, working as independent consultant, helping groups and individuals to better understand the complex realities in which they work and make most of their influence networks. Before becoming independent, I worked as a post-doctoral fellow for the International Food Policy Research Institute, mainly living in  a small town in northern Ghana (Bolgatanga) where I developed Net-Map as an answer to concrete local governance problems. In my work I am driven by never-ending curiosity and a passion for people. This is why I enjoyed living and working in Africa so much, because every day would bring new challenges and learning experience.

Some basic biographical facts: I received my Master in Applied Cultural Sciences in Lueneburg, Germany in 2000, my PhD in Human Geography in Bochum, Germany in 2004. Besides my studies I attended and (later) conducted a number of trainings in facilitation, inter-cultural communication and system centered counseling. The most exciting part of my work at the moment is to develop new and varied ways to apply Net-Map to better understand and manage our complex reality. For the development of Net-Map I was awarded the “Promising Young Scientist of the Year Award” of the CGIAR in 2008. My main regional expertise lies in Africa, my home country is Germany and my current location is Washington DC (click for detailed CV: 155 KB)

If you are interested in Net-Map training (learning the method) online or face-to-face, in social network research, monitoring and evaluation, organizational change or in network oriented facilitation of your meetings and group processes, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly:



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  1. Dear Eva Schiffer,

    While reading your blog entry “German students analyse governance networks in Himalaya-Hindukusch-Pamir Region” I realized you were actually talking about me. I am one of the mentioned ASA scholarship holders and hope to go to Tibet soon to apply NetMap in the field (if Tibet will be accessible by the time). I’m very glad I found you on the net!

    So did you get any feedback from our recent pre-tests in Berlin yet? Please feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know. I’m happy to help as well as I can. You can email me any time.


    Roman Röhrl

    • Hi Roman, I just saw you entry but coincidence! I am actual about to conduct research in the Pamir Region ( Bartang Valley ) and like you use Net Map to support my group interviews. I like to connect to you since you already research in this region and applied Net Map! Let me know if you have time to talk further! Best, Massih

  2. Dear Eva,

    I am very much interested in applying social network analysis to help small entreprises become aware of the potential of collaborative work to further their development.

    I found a reference to Net-Map last month and have been impressed by the structure and potential of the toolkit as a means to get people to discuss potentially difficult issues over an indisputable framework. I see a great opportunity to transpose it for use within a non-commercial forum that I am participating in, that is called (New Business Energy – La Nouvelle Energie du Business in French).

    So my question is: to what extent would you authorize me to refer to your work and use the principles of the Net-Map toolkit for a networking seminar that we are organizing in July in France?

    Many thanks in any case for this great piece of work.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Patrice Chollet

  3. I just visited your site and found the topic of net map very interesting and would like to know especially how it affects agricultural development . I am a Nigerian working in the Federal miniostry of Agriculture in my country. I want also to know where trainings are available on this subject.

  4. Dear Adewale,
    Net-Map can be helpful anywhere where a number of different actors with different interests and influence want to achieve common or diverging goals. To see how it was used in agricultural backgrounds, have a look at my posts about poultry and maize innovation systems, avian influenza (including Nigeria), the FADAMA project (that’s another Nigerian example) and look at the case studies about small reservoirs.
    With regards to trainings, I offer both online and face-to-face trainings on request. I will, for example, be in West Africa in the second half of September this year and we could discuss options around that time. You can contact me directly at for further discussion.

  5. Dear Eva Schiffer,
    Congratulate you for getting awards for developing the new toolkit ,Net-map.I t has been recognized that it is an effective tool for the planning and policy making in diverse situations.Please consider Bangladesh while planning to orient or provide training on this novel tool.
    Best Regards,

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  8. […] and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes. It was developed by Eva Schiffer as an answer to concrete local governance problems in Ghana. The kit is like a toy, filled with […]

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  10. […] curiosity, I also checked out where Hofstede ranked Ghana, because I interviewed social scientist Eva Schiffer about her net-mapping work with a group of “stakeholders” responsible for water […]

  11. Dear Eva,

    I have tested Nep-map on a 3D model map of Ghana. Its good and hope to call for a workshop soon. Will keep you updated.

    I have named the method: 3D Geo-referenced net-mapping. I have also included in my blog a page of Net-maps. Follow the links






    (VSO Volunteer, Ghana)
    Food Security Network and FBO Development adviser

  12. Will do that Eva. Want to get you pictures of stakeholders/org with their badges seriously discussing issues.

  13. Please Eva, Is there french version of net-map toolbox? If ter is can I have it?

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately there is not French translation of the Net-Map manual yet. I might be able to put you in contact with someone who worked with it in Frankophone countries, so he might be able to help.

  14. Hey.. I notice that your sample download is an chart based on NREGA flow in India – any special interest in the same? I volunteer for an NGO in this space called IndiaGoverns (, any interest you see?

  15. hi Eva long time.hope ur fine?this is Francis asaana Ghana[balgatanga]tried getting to debbie but to no avail say hi to her for me.

  16. Dear Eva

    My team has been recently introduced to the net mapping tool . I found it usefull tool to improve the project management.

  17. Dear Eva,
    Is there any sponsoring provision for participants who would like to participate the training you arranged.

    • Dear Nazrul, as we are offering this training as individuals and not as part of a large and well resources institution, unfortunately we won’t be able to sponsor anyone. But, if you are planning to seek sponsorship elsewhere we are happy to provide you with supporting documentation if required.

  18. Dear Eva,
    Thank you very much for your kind response. It will be great if you send me some link who sponsoring in many issues like research and development, organizational management support and others. I am eagerly trying to get some one who can help me to run my research and consultancy organization. You are really a kind hearted people. May God bless you.

    Nazrul Islam

  19. Bonsoir Eva!

    Nous vous remercions pour votre intervention sur Net-Map ici à Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR, ce Lundi 07 décembre 2015 toute la journée avec les Coaches RRI, 1ère Génération 2005-2015.

    Nous reterons encontact avec vous pour les échanges et rectifications dans les semaines qui viennent dans le cadre des RRI-Fiscalité Locale.

    Bien à vous


  20. Bonsoir Eva!

    Nous vous remercions pour votre intervention sur Net-Map ici à Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR, ce Lundi 07 décembre 2015 toute la journée avec les Coaches RRI, 1ère Génération 2005-2015.

    Nous resterons encontact avec vous pour les échanges et rectifications dans les semaines qui viennent dans le cadre des RRI-Fiscalité Locale.

    Bien à vous


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  23. […] friend and colleague Eva Schiffer asked the most delightful question after I wrote about Facilitating in Complex Contexts.  […]

    • Amazing post, Nancy, gives guidance concerning a bunch of things that I run into all the time. So thanks for the love and care of turning my small question into a long and thoughtful piece of advice.

  24. Good day Dr Schiffer
    I am interested in adapting your tool for use in research in rural municipalities
    I will of course acknowledge your work – are there other expectations?

    • Dear BC Mubangizi,
      I am thrilled to hear of your plans. Please go ahead. As long as you acknowledge the source, you are welcome to apply it in your context. I you want to write a guest post about your experience and/or results afterward, I would appreciate that. It will be interesting for readers to see how the tool is used in different settings and also by different people. Best of luck!

  25. Hi Eva. Do you still offer the group trainings? How much do you charge? When’s the next one? Where?

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